Math For All Learners - Grades 2-7

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The Math For All Learners program provides teachers and parents a cost-effective and highly individualized instructional tool which meets the needs of both high and low achieving learners. Because this program does not include consumable student materials, it contains all you need to conduct effective math facts instruction now and for years to come. Regardless of your learner's current level of achievement, this program permits you to start your students at an appropriate level and progress quickly with a high degree of success and dignity. In a major summative research study the experimental group using this program made gains of 3.5 months over the comparison group in the 8-week period. Clearly, this is a program to "close the gap" in a practical cost efficient manner. Included with the program is a black-line master CD which contains the printable masters for lessons in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, classroom tracking materials, and placement tests. Everything you need to teach math facts to all learners for years to come.