Reading for All Learners Free Edition

Welcome to the Free Edition of Reading for All Learners

This edition was created to support learners during COVID and the response from the world has been tremendous. We are are pleased to continue making this edition available. We would be grateful if you considered purchasing print books or a digital subscription if you find this to be useful. Your purchase helps support this edition.   

The Digital Subscription Edition works on virtually any phone, tablet, computer or chromebook. If you like the Free Edition you are going to love the Digital Subscription Edition!


If you are new to Reading for All Learners please spend a few minutes reviewing the Instructor GuideThe Instructor Guide is a very quick read and following this guide is vital!   

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If you are new to teaching reading take a look at the pronunciation guide to make sure you are modeling sounds accurately.  If you aren't sure which books to start with please consider running our free placement assessment series. Also you can find a correlation to leveled readers which can be useful in determining a starting point. Finally, visit the Reading For All Learners tab at the top of this page to find progress tracking sheets, completion certificates and lots more.