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Student Assessment & Monitoring

Introducing SAM - The Student Assessment & Monitoring tool for teachers using Reading For All Learners. 

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SAM (Student Assessment and Monitoring) is an online tool for teachers using the Reading For All Learners K-3 beginning reading program. SAM supports the use of data to drive informed, needs-based decisions by teachers and classroom staff. SAM works with any edition of Reading For All Learners,: the Original Edition, the Color Edition and the iPad application. SAM may be used on any modern, internet-connected computer and is optimized for use on tablets such as Apple’s iPad.  
SAM provides:

  • Diagnostic Placement Assessments
  • Curriculum-Embedded, Formative/Progress Monitoring Assessments
  • Easy-to-Understand Visualizations of Student Progress
  • Simplified Sharing of Student Progress Reports

SAM provides teachers with diagnostic and formative student data.  When using SAM, the collection of data does not require student use of a computer or tablet, permitting the use of SAM with only one tablet or other computer in the classroom.  Assessment outcomes are computed automatically, and compared to mastery criteria and individualized student goals.  Student progress is instantly plotted on a progress monitoring graph. Additional visualizations summarize progress toward the mastery of key reading skills such as decoding accuracy, oral reading fluency, and comprehension.

Diagnostic Placement Assessments

The placement assessments series provides a precise starting point for beginning a student in the Reading For All Learners program.  The placement assessments measure decoding accuracy and oral reading fluency.  The series is easily administered and the SAM-provided interpretation of the resulting data identifies a starting point in the series based on a students’ current reading skills.

Curriculum-Embedded, Formative Assessments

Each assessment provides a measure of decoding accuracy, comprehension, and oral reading fluency.  The outcome of each assessment is compared to the mastery criteria, and a recommendation for reteaching is made immediately following administration of each assessment. 

Easy-to-Understand Visualizations of Student Progress

Formative assessment data are plotted in real-time, and progress trends are shown in comparison to teacher-designated goals.  Once three or more data points are entered into the system, the Achievement Report indicates when a student is on-track to achieve a designated goal.   Also included in the achievement report is a breakdown of the specific skills each student is learning. 

Sharing Reports

Student achievement reports may be converted into a pdf document for easy printing or sharing via email.  The reports may include notes provided by the instructor, are easy to understand and appropriate for sharing with parents or other members of the instructional team.  

student-assessment-monitoring-ipad.pngThe SAM Dashboard

The SAM dashboard provides at-a-glance summaries of student progress. Access all key SAM functions with the context-sensitive, inuitive interface.  
Student progress is compared to teacher-designated goals in real-time and summarized using a stoplight icon.  Know which students you need to be focused on and which students are achieving the desired progress.
Organize your students into groups based on their individual needs and easily transfer students from one group to another based on their progress, and skill deficits.  
Use the dashboard at the beginning of a lesson to instantly identify the materials each student needs.  Spend your time teaching, not sorting.



looking-back-formative-assessment.pngAssess with Ease

SAM shines on a tablet when conducting placement or progress monitoring assessments. Discreetly mark student errors and track time.  Assessment results are automatically calculated, recorded and compared to program mastery requirements. SAM connects the dots for you so you can focus on teaching.  
Place new students with ease and accuracy.  SAM includes access to the complete Reading For All Learners placement assessment series. Let SAM guide you through starting a student with confidence.
Every SAM account provides access to more than 50 progress monitoring assessments. SAM will prompt you when it is time to conduct an assessment and tell you which assessment each student needs.
SAM guides you through any needed reteaching and ensures your students have achieved mastery before moving on. 




sam-student-progress-monitoring.pngMonitor Progress

SAM knows every word, on every page, of every Reading For All Learners book. Based on a student’s progress and goals, SAM will tell you the skills a student has mastered and the new skills coming up.  
As lessons and assessments are completed, each is automatically plotted on a progress monitoring graph. A prediction of future progress permits you to focus your energy on students who need help.  
A unique data visualization, developed by a world-renowned designer, provides at-a-glance understanding of the skills a student is struggling with, and helps you focus your teaching on the areas most needed.

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