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Reading For All Learners Resources

School Closure and Home Learning Edition of Reading for All Learners

Access a free special edition of Reading for All Learners

Access the special edition through this link

Instructor Guide Download

Just getting started with Reading For All Learners? Download this essential companion guide which contains all the essential steps to ensure maximum effectiveness. 

Instructor Guide

Completion Certificates

This free download is a great motivational tool for your readers when they finish a Set of the Reading for All Learners program. Completion certificates for all eight sets of the program are included.

Completion Certificates

Progress Tracking Sheets

This free download is a good motivational tool for your readers, and includes a progress tracking sheet for each set of the Reading for All Learners program. Students can color an icon from the set they are reading each time they finish a book.

Progress Tracking Sheets

Student Data Forms

This download includes some data tracking forms for teachers who need to track and record the progress of multiple students.

Student Data Forms

Scope and Sequence Summary

The Reading For All Learners Scope and Sequence provides an overview of the skills, assessments and scope of the program.

Scope and Sequence

Correlation to Leveled Books 

If you are using Reading for All Learners in conjunction with leveled readers or other programs this document can help you see the relationship between those items and Reading for All Learners.


Placement Assessments

Start your learner(s) out right by determining which of the eight Reading For All Learners Sets they should begin wiith.  These easy to administer assessments will help you quickly and accurately place your students in the Reading For All Learners curriculum.  A complete set of instructions and samples of assessment scoring is included.  

Placement Assessments 

Pronunciation Guide

Correct sound pronunciation is important to blending and decoding.  Need help with a few sounds?  No problem, our online pronunciation guide includes a precise and accurate model for all of the sounds used in Reading For All Learners.

Pronunication Guide

Model Lesson Videos

Want to see Reading For All Learners in action?  These videos include expert instructors working with kindergarten, first and second grade students. 

Model Lesson Videos

SAM (Student Assessment & Monitoring) Support

The following manuals are for teachers using the SAM monitoring service.  

SAM Quick Start Guide

SAM User Guide


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