Utah State Office of Education
Special Education Rules 2000

IDEA '97 Federal Regulations

Federal Regulations Topic Index

Rights and Responsibilities of Parents
of Children with Disabilities (ERIC)

Integrating Children with Disabilities
into Preschool (ERIC)

IDEA '97 Requirements: Factors to
Consider in Developing an IEP (ERIC)

An Overview of the Individuals with
Disabilities Education Act
Amendments of 1997 (ERIC)

IDEA '97 Topics and Issues

IEP Assessment Training PDF documents and PowerPoint training materials

An Analysis of the General Curriculum
Requirements in IDEA 97

IDEA Forms PowerPoint Training
(PDF Version)

Estimator 7.0 User's Manual

Issues in Severe Discrepancy Measurment

Utah Learning Resource Center

Effective Strategies for Student Success

Effective Strategies for Student Success
Strategies for monitoring student progress

The Principles of IDEA
Procedural Safeguards

Parents as Partners in the IEP
Process: Parent Handbook