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Preliminary Strategies - Behavioral Contract

1. A behavioral contract does not always specify
a. Expected behaviors
b. Positive consequences
c. Time frames of the contract
d. Punishments

2. In a behavioral contract, the behavior definition: "Jack should be respectful of others on the bus" is
a. Observable and measurable
b. Appropriate because the setting is defined
c. Vague
d. Appropriate because the person is clearly identified

3. In a behavioal contract students may not negotiate
a. The contract
b. The behaviors
c. The rewards
d. Criterion

4. Goal setting, or breaking a behavior into smaller steps, if the behavior appears too difficult
a. Is not effective
b. May enhance the effectiveness of a contract
c. Will reduce the effectiveness of a contract
d. Is inappropriate because the contract is violated

5. In a behavioral contract a criterion that adds up successes, but does not count failures, is
a. A consecutive criterion
b. A behavioral criterion
c. A reinforcement criterion
d. A cumulative criterion


Answers - Preliminary strategies: Behavioral contracts

1. d
2. c
3. a
4. b
5. d


Group Reinforcement Response Contingency - Group Reinforcement Response Contingency

1. The two basic types of group contingencies are
a. Sequential and individual
b. Individual and collective
c. Sequential and cumulative
d. Cumulative and collective

2. Group contingencies are inappropriate for
a. Improving social skills
b. Increasing in-seat behavior
c. Increasing courtesy in communication
d. Aquiring new or difficult behaviors

3. Which of the following is appropriate when deciding on a reward
a. Always keep the reward a surprise to all
b. Use expensive rewards that are meaningful
c. Involve the students in the selection of the reward
d. Show you care by ensuring the reward involves a large amount of your time

4. In applying a group reinforcement response contingency, which of the following has modest value
a. Selecting a contingency
b. Setting a criterion
c. Selecting consequences
d. Limiting feedback

5. If the criterion is not met
a. There should be clear and meaningful punishment
b. The classroom routine should continue as usual without the extra privilege
c. Something they presently enjoy, like break time, should be reduced
d. Peer pressure on the offending individual should be increased


Answers - Group Reinforcement Response Contingency

1. b
2. d
3. c
4. d
5. b




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