Credits and Links


Deep appreciation is expressed to the following organizations. These organizations provide, to all on the web, very practical and effective information. This information follows the research carefully and supports the improvement of instruction for all learners.
Our thanks to:

1. Special Education Services Unit, Utah State Office of Education.

2. National Institute of Child Health and Human Development,
for: Support of Report of the National Reading Panel: "Teaching Children to Read."

3. National Center to Improve the Tools of Educators,
for: Ideas and suggestions for "What is an Instructional Program?", and for the national leadership supplied by this organization.

4. Texas Education Agency,
for: Professional Development Guides for Beginning Reading Instruction.

5. California Department of Education.
for: California Reading and Language Arts Framework

6. Parents Raising Educational Standards in Schools (PRESS).
for: Wisconsin Foundations of Learning Standards for English/Language Arts

7. New York State Education Department.
for: Essential Elements of Reading

8. Provo School District.
for: Least Restrictive Behavioral Interventions (LRBI) Forms




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