Suggestions for Using the
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The online information consists of several areas, such as (1) Behavior Management and Social Skills, (2) Effective Teaching, (3) The IEP and Legal Issues; (4) General Curricula: Beginning Reading; (5) Multiple and Severe Disabilities, and (6) General Curricula: Mathematics. The latter areas are less developed, and all areas are reviewed and revised on an ongoing basis to maintain current information. Each area has four components: (1) a glossary of terms and links, (2) programs and interventions, (3) staff development activities, and (4) resources.

Searching for Information
The information on this website can be used in a number of ways. A. Use the Search Button. The academy homepage has a search button on the bottom left side. Enter the term of topic in the window above the search button. B. Use the glossaries. If, for example, you have a question on a concept or a term, you should look for the most relevant area. If the question you have relates to a concept in beginning reading, turn to the staff development area, "General Curricula: Beginning Reading," and put the cursor on the button for "Glossary Terms and Links." If the concept is automaticity, the "Glossary" supplies a brief description of the term, and in many cases, supplies a link that provides in-depth information. In the case of automaticity, you are referred to the Texas Education Agency Staff Development Guide, to the section on "Reading Fluency." This information resource is also stored under the "Resource" button, on the same page as the "Glossary" button. The "Programs and Interventions" button in each staff development area provides links to specific teaching and assessment tools. The "Resources" button provides resource documents that identify effective practices, and in some cases, state and federal regulatory information needed by practitioners.

Formal Staff Development Experiences
You may use the On-line Academy site as a part of a more formal staff development experience. In such cases, you will be supported by an On-line Mentor, a school district staff development specialist, or a university instructor. The staff development activities button opens a series of staff development modules. In some cases the modules can be completed relatively independently. In other cases, the modules will require access to a public school classroom in order to apply selected effective teaching practices, or the module may require discussions with mentors, instructors, and other participants in the staff development experience. Staff development activities completed by the Teacher and approved by the school district can be entered on a Teachers transcript maintained by the Utah State Office of Education. - see CACTUS Tutorial.


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